Book Review: Getting Back to Happy

We love books! Do you? Here is our latest book review by TCCU Director Kendy Anderson:

Change your thoughts, change your reality and turn your trials into triumphs is the premise of this New York Times bestseller.

“The biggest difference between peace and stress is attitude.”

The authors set about to walk you step by step thru the process of increasing your happiness. Chapter one focuses on instituting rituals into your daily life. This is built on the ideas that growth always begins at the edge of your comfort zone and that we are hardwired to perform at our best when we are positive. So, by setting in motion daily positive rituals we can being to increase our happiness quotient.

Chapter two explores the practice of mindfulness as well as scaling back our busyness. True wealth is the ability to experience the present moment fully, say the authors.

The remaining chapters dive into how to surrender attachments that are holding you back and how to recognize the signs that you need to let go. “Being hurt is something you can’t control, but being miserable is always your choice.”

Practical tools like forgiveness, being able to see the end result of hard times, keeping yourself grounded and checking the stories we all tell ourselves about what is happening to us daily are explored in the context of moving forward into happiness.

How to embrace change from both an action viewpoint and when change is not our choice are explored. “The happiest and most successful people do not live with a certain set of circumstances, but rather with a certain set of attitudes.”

Finding and harnessing your motivation is the next step the authors cover and is facilitated by removing distractions and connecting with your values. Each chapter concludes with exercises you can practice as you begin implementing happiness strategies.

Relationships, dealing with difficult people, setting up your inner and outer environment, letting go of things you can’t control, eliminating excess and walking away from drama are also fleshed out as they relate to happiness.

Chock full of tips, strategies and exercises to get you well on your way to increasing your happiness, this is a book I highly recommend for everyone to read. It will be a book I read on a regular basis to keep me on my journey with happiness.

About the Author: Kendy Anderson

Kendy lives in northern California with her husband and daughters. The mother of six children—some grown, twin daughters still at home—and a grandmother to five, she raises poultry, enjoys scrapbooking, sewing and gardening, and loves to read. She lives with several pain-producing conditions but hates to miss out because of pain, so she loves coping strategies—choices she makes daily that have her back to “doing life,” rather than being a spectator or withdrawing completely. After being coached for her own pain, she made the decision to take coach training. As a TCC®U- and Nationally-certified coach, she helps clients learn pain management skills and return to happy and productive lives. She wholeheartedly believes it is possible to change your perception about pain.

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