Change Your Questions Change Your Life

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life:

12 Powerful Tools for Leadership, Coaching, and Life, by Marilee G. Adams

Book review by Kendy Anderson

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life sets out to help you do just that: solve your problems with different thinking in the form of questions.

Using a format of being either a “judger” or a “learner” the author walks the reader through the process by way of storytelling about a man named Ben.  We follow Ben in his workplace and home life as he shifts his perspective from judger to learner by way of questions.

Awareness is always the first step of change and the author writes, “Choice begins when we are mindful enough to observe our own thoughts and feelings and the language we use to express them. It’s as simple as asking ourselves, What’s going on? Where am I right now? Am I in Judger or Learner?”

By using QT – question thinking and Q-Storming – brainstorming questions, Ben begins to shift from having problems at work and home to bringing his team together and being more productive. His wife catches the vision and uses the Judger/Learner strategy with a friend who annoys her. Ben says the QT technique saved his marriage and rescued his career.

A road map of sorts is offered as a way to determine crossroad points where we can find ourselves being able to choose either Judger or Learner via what are called “switching questions.”

I enjoyed the book and wanted to know how things turned out for Ben. It’s a light read but has some weighty things to think about, such as recognizing those crossroads where we can consciously choose Learner or Judger.  The ebook I read also included a section called Question Thinking Workbook and contained the 12 QT tools that were given to Ben.

About the Author: Becky Curtis

After a horrific car accident nearly took her life and her own long and complex recovery journey, Becky has assembled a vibrant team of specially-trained coaches—healthcare professionals who have gained proficiency in teaching and coaching, many who live successfully with chronic pain. Becky travels extensively to speak about the role of health coaching in pain management and has been a regular speaker at PAINWeek®, and many other conferences, in addition to coaching and managing TCC’s program. She lives in Utah with her husband and dog, Quigley.

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