Stick With It by Sean D. Young

Stick with It: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life – for Good is a #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller from the mind of Sean D. Young, a UCLA medical school professor and executive director of the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior, and the UC Institute for Prediction Technology.


Opening the book with the observation that change is a difficult thing to do and is not a simple setting and maintaining a habit, the author says research tell us that there are seven psychological forces that support people in sticking with their plans. He calls these SCIENCE. Breaking down the acronym, the author spends a chapter on each: Stepladders, Community, Important, Easy, Neurohacks, Captivating and Engrained. In each chapter the force is explained, an example is given and an exercise is provided for you to begin the process of implementing your plan.

In the stepladders chapter, the author shows us why small is key and how people feel good about what they expect to accomplish, not necessarily what they actually accomplish.

I loved the chapter on neurohacks, where Ben Franklin is one of the examples used! Anytime I’m provided with a way to hack into my neural wiring, I’m all ears. He shows how behavior, body movement, physiology and emotions can all be leveraged to not only help ourselves but others also. Here’s a quote “Instead of trying to control your thoughts, just make small changes in your behavior and your mind will follow”.

Dialing in which of the seven forces to use requires knowing what behavior you are trying to change. Is it A, B or C? (A)utomatic, (b)urning or (c)ommon each can be finessed with specific forces from the SCIENCE supports. In the book are plenty of graphics to show you which tools to use for each type of behavior,

From wire-walking, to dieting, to selling life insurance, to cats in mazes, the author provides plenty of examples of just how the research plays out and why it works. He touts an almost 200% increase in lasting change for individuals and groups that have used his methods. If you are in the mood for making a lasting change, this book has what you need to succeed.

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