Book Review: The Story You Need to Tell by Sandra Marinella

The Story You Need To Tell

Like me, you might groan a little when reading a book about writing. Sandra Marinella makes a strong case for using writing as a healing tool. She goes about this from a storytelling standpoint, starting with her cancer story. Woven throughout the book are numerous examples of people who used some form of writing to change their story, move on from a loss, deal with trauma, make sense of a tragedy, and so on. It’s a powerfully written book that makes the reader want to give writing a try.

There is a story to resonate with most everyone. Stories from veterans, children, hard medical diagnoses, abandonment, hardships, illness, loss, trauma and more. These stories touch us in the deepest part of our humanity. Reading about fellow travels getting to more firm footing is encouraging and helps us face the difficulties of our lives.

At the end of every chapter are writing prompts to get the reader started. I found it encouraging to have a direction and not have to start from scratch. There is abundant research on the benefit to using writing as a tool to recovery from life’s bumps, big and small.

Of particular inspiration is the author’s story which is woven throughout the book. Seeing her struggle with a life threatening illness and come out stronger is a strength of the book.

Whether you are already a writer or, like me, you would rather not, this book pulls you in the direction of at least giving writing a try. That’s my goal, to begin setting aside a consistent time in my week to write. It costs nothing and is repeatedly shown to bring healing to those who practice.

By Kendy Anderson
By Kendy AndersonSchool Director

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